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Any large container or tub is perfect at transforming a boring patio or decking by adding bright colours and also bringing the garden closer to the home. The best way to use them is to fill them with a colourful seasonal display of bulbs.

Choose the best compost to ensure satisfactory results. Cow manure has been used in gardens for centuries, but fresh cow manure does have certain drawbacks. Modern technology has come up with an alternative. The manure is quickly dried at a high temperature and pressed into granules, which are enriched with minerals, trace elements and other soil improvements agents.

Traditionally pots have had broken pots added to the bottom of the tub but this is not necessary if you are planting shallow rooted bedding plants. Why not save compost though and fill the very bottom with polystyrene. If your pot is prone to drying out you could use the aid of a wetting agent.

Baskets can also be used to brighten up a particular area of your property, particularly in dull winter days. When it comes to choosing the hanging basket, always choose the biggest possible. By doing this you can use more compost and your bedding plants will stand more chance of success. But of course this also means more weight so ensure you use the correct brackets.

Open meshed baskets obviously need to be lined before planting your plants. You can get reasonably priced manufactured liners made from cotton or even coconut fibre. To be environmentally friendly it is even possible to rake moss or conifer cuttings from your garden to line your basket with.

Some of the best plants for tubs and baskets include:


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