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Planning the Spring - Gardening

It’s now the perfect time of the year to start thinking about planning our spring garden. Where do we start?

Well, we have to ask ourselves, ‘What do I want from my spring garden? Do I want different colours to what I already have? Have I got gaps that I need to fill? Do I want a challenge of growing new varieties? Well I am sure that whatever we need when Adrian and I start looking through the new Spalding autumn catalogue we are going to be spoilt for choice. Adrian has already started looking and is sitting with his pen poised and eager to start his ‘must have’ list.

 Just slow down a bit Adrian let’s get the coffee on first…

Hosta White Feather

Hosta ‘White Feather’
I can see why he is eager he’s got his catalogue open at a page where we are showing a new variety of hosta ‘White Feather’ (he does love his hostas).

Tulip Greenstar
Funny he should choose that particular hosta as I have my eye on the tulip ‘Greenstar’ which is similar in colour.

Tulip Greenstar

Iris ‘Blue Bird’
Adrian is quite taken with the Iris ‘Blue Bird’ – rather lovely with beautiful sapphire blue flowers!

Allium Cameleon
He has reminded me that as we both love alliums, maybe we will give the ‘Cameleon’ a try – great for naturalising too.

Allium Cameleon

Red Leafed Mukadenia
We’ve just come across the ‘Mukadenia’ – what an unusual colour combination and will add a great impression to the border next autumn after the flowering period.

Last week Adrian took me into Norfolk for the day to visit ‘The Old Vicarage’ which is quite a long way from Spalding – fantastic gardens and well worth a visit. Not only do we enjoy these jaunts, it’s always interesting to see how the professionals display their plants and shrubs and to see them growing in their ideal environment. It’s also interesting listening to other people’s comments on the various flowers.

We’ve spent so much time drooling over our Spalding Plant & Bulb catalogue I think we will have to leave it for tonight and spend another evening to continue our list!

Coffee and biscuit time Adrian?

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