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A corner of your patio is an ideal place to create your very own mini orchard. Just think, not only is it convenient but everything would be so much fresher when harvested at the right time.  So often we have gone to buy a certain fruit from the supermarket only to find that it doesn’t always look at its best. The plus side is that they are also very decorative and a great hobby for the children or grandchildren to be involved with. Another idea is to give the dual fruit trees a try, that way you get a choice of two fruits in the same pot.

Firstly you must decide which varieties you want to grow – talk to the family what preferences do they have and what reason do you want to grow a particular fruit. Maybe the family enjoys marmalade in which case there is the Dwarf Lemon and dwarf Calamondin or do you fancy a nice Gin and Tonic sitting on the patio with freshly picked lemon in it? Of course all fruits are ideal for jam making and deserts – am I getting your taste buds going?

So first we set the scene – having decided what we would like to grow what else do we require? The planters should preferably have casters on which makes life easier if you want to move them around the patio or to give them the occasional turn. They may need to be moved to gain as much light as possible which is of great importance to the fruiting.

Another important thing to consider is the soil or compost and remember to check the requirements for each individual as they may differ. It is always best to place a layer of pebbles in the bottom of the pot to help with drainage. Do not overwater – always test first to make sure that they need it.

Come the end of the year we must think of the care needed. Citrus trees must not be exposed to freezing temperatures and is the first to move indoors. At the end of December all dwarf fruits can be overwintered indoors in either the conservatory or an unheated greenhouse. If it is not possible to move them make sure you protect them with fleece.

Remember fruit is so good for you and if it is freshly picked what could be better. We have many varieties for you to choose from – browse our website and make your choice!

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