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Top Five Featured Summer Plants - Garden

Even though we are still covered in snow and it is still quite cold it’s always good to think ahead. If the weather is against you working outside you can use the time to browse our website and see what we can tempt you with. We have a wide selection of summer bulbs, tubers and plants. We like to think there’s something for everyone.

But if you are finding it hard to choose we have selected our 5 top summer plants. At number 1 is the only fruit plant on the list.


Trailing Strawberries ‘Bakker’s Kingsize’1) Trailing Strawberries ‘Bakker’s Kingsize’

‘Kingsize’ produces large, delicious fresh strawberries from June to October. The fast-growing runners of this trailing strawberry variety can easily be trained along a trellis. Spectacular in a large container on the patio or decking.
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Lilies – The stars of summer2) Lilies – The stars of summer

Last summer several of our lilies were very popular. They came in many beautiful shapes and wonderful colours, a favourite for everyone to choose from. Will you be attracted to the intense red Lily ‘Pup Art’, the giant trumpet lily ‘Bell Song’ or the special Asian lily ‘Capuchino’,  or maybe you have your eye on another one? The great feature of lilies is that they make excellent cut flowers for the home so you can enjoy these lush flowers both outdoors and indoors.
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White Egred Orchid
White Egred Orchid

3) White Egret Orchid

The white heron orchid is an exceptional plant from East Asia and as the name suggests is related to the orchid family. The exotic, unusual looking flowers resemble a bird in flight. The White Egret flowers all summer long, with each tuber producing two to three exquisite, pearly white flowers.
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Gladioli Mix4) Gladioli Mix

At number 4 of our list is the Gladioli Mix. Typical summer flowers that flower in abundance. Not only do they bring a fantastic colour to the garden they are also fabulous for cutting!
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Double-flowered Freesia Mix5) Double-flowered Freesia Mix

Last but by no means least: the double-flowered freesia mix. These small bulbs provide plenty of colour and fragrance in the border, on the patio or decking. They last a long time as cut flowers in a vase. It is a known fact that we all love flowers that can be enjoyed both inside and outside.
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Everyone has their very own favourites – why not add ours to your list and give them a try.

Check out our newest summer products and order soon.


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