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Today we take one last look at other equipment you may find useful –

Wheelbarrow: A wheelbarrow is useful in a large garden for wheeling heavy or bulky materials around. It should be of strong construction. A ballbarrow has the front wheel replaced with a revolving ball, the theory being that the ball does not make grooves in grass when a load is being carried, whereas a wheel does. This is true, but usually these ruts are not serious and soon disappear. A barrow with a pneumatic tyre is easier to wheel than one with a hard wheel. If a barrow is being moved backwards and forwards a lot over one area, a plank can be put down to save wear and tear on the ground and avoid the wheel getting bogged down.

In small gardens a wheelbarrow can sometimes be unwieldy, and a carrying sheet for large things or an old bucket for small ones is much more practical.

There are also many pieces of household equipment such as step ladders, stiff brooms and the like which are equally at home in the garden. Experience and individual circumstances will tell you which you may have to acquire for your particular needs.

This is just a very basic list of equipment you are going to need to get started. There are hundreds of other appliances I haven’t included, mainly because you can do a good job perfectly well without them. Having said that, if you like the look of something which you feel just might be the thing for you, you buy it, and it works, well, fair enough. We all have our favourite tools, purpose-made or improvised. If we feel it does the job best for us, then that’s the tool we need. But — when in doubt — ask an expert.

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