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Red Rimmed Tuberosa Begonias
Non Stop Begonias
Non Stop Begonias

Flowers, flowers and yes more flowers, flowering from June through to November. That’s what you call value for money and in such beautiful colours they will look spectacular wherever you grow them! And guess what… If you look after them over winter they will flower again next year.

For years begonias took a back seat to many other plants in the garden but now with their amazing range of vibrant colours and long flowering period they are quite a favourite for the summer garden through to the autumn garden. Beautiful flowers, but let’s not forget the foliage! Some begonia leaves attract as much interest as the flowers themselves and are grown purely for their leaves which can be very decorative with the most amazing coloured leaf patterns.

Begonia Leaves
Begonia Leaves

Versatile, vivacious and very much suited to most gardens, hanging baskets or pots on the patio and even great for brightening up a shady corner, as they like sun or shade and even tolerate the rain.

I remember about 2 weeks ago waking up in the night and hearing really heavy rain and my first thought was for my begonias. Why did I worry? The next morning they had stood up to the weather and didn’t look any different. I was the one who suffered worrying about them!

I’ve grown a few different varieties this year and love all of them – just look at the size of these flower heads from the giant patio begonia range. The large flower heads are really something special.


Angelique Begonia

Angelique is a lovely hanging variety which is ideal for hanging baskets. A more delicate looking flower which I think has a close resemblance to a rose and also slightly scented. I had one growing in a basket hanging in my apple tree and the cute squirrel that visits my garden has also taken a shine to it. Love to see him scampering around but he does seem to cause havoc and likes to remove the flowers from their stems. Lucky that I had another growing in a pot on the patio.

If you want colour in your garden then begonias are a must. Once you have grown them they can easily be overwintered for growing again the next year.

Don’t forget to put them on your wish list for spring planting. Which means that you can then experiment with different varieties from our large range at Bakker Spalding.

Make a note in your diary to visit us on our website in the New Year to see the amazing begonias that will be on offer!

Happy gardening!


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