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This is virtually impossible because even though you may have no garden in the accepted sense, that is, an area of soil capable of being cultivated, if you want to grow things badly enough, there are many ways in which you can achieve an outside growing area.

For a start, unless you live in a hole in the ground, you are almost certain to have walls and providing these are sound, and, if you are in rented or leasehold accommodation, there are no restrictions on what you are allowed to do to them, there are scores of receptacles which can be used as planting containers if attached firmly to the wall. Flat roofs can be used as sites for troughs and tubs if they aren’t too weighty or too numerous. The dankest concrete backyard can be a green oasis with very little effort using shade-loving subjects in large containers. Most councils would not object to the odd plant trough on the pavement against your house, provided it is not a hazard to passers-by. Many street footpaths are already inadequately narrow, so if there is any possibility that you might cause inconvenience (especially to the blind and partially-sighted, who may have used that route unobstructed all their lives and so consider they are familiar with every hazard — until they fall headlong into an over-enthusiastic new resident’s pot of petunias), it is better to confine that type of planting to, say, first-floor window boxes (fixed so they do not fall off and kill an unsuspecting passer-by, of course; some heavily planted boxes in full bearing can be quite weighty and unbalanced!) well out of the way of pedestrians – or vandals.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is the balcony as found on so many high-rise flats. This can often provide quite a large growing area if properly planned, and although there can be certain cultural problems with windy sites half-way to Heaven, there is a certain satisfaction in sitting surrounded by greenery with a bird’s-eye view of the hustle and bustle below If every multi-storey balcony were cultivated, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon would be eclipsed by our tower blocks!

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