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Merry Christmas

Adrian and I would both like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for following us on our ‘Views from the Greenhouse’ blogs. We will try harder next year to write more. But as you will appreciate at this time of the year it’s a little too cold to be spending time in the greenhouse and we all become weekend gardeners – dark when we go to work and the same when we go home. And yes we could have put aside some nights for planning for the year to come and shared out thoughts with you. Just written Adrians report for the year ‘must try harder’ hope he’s not remembered to write one for me!

Father ChristmasI know you must all be looking forward to the spring season (I know we are) – don’t you just love it when you wander around your garden and see all those wonderful bulbs that you planted in the autumn, poking their noses through the soil – especially when you have forgotten where you have planted certain bulbs. I think that is something that we have all done and personally I find that quite exciting when the time comes for them to flower.

We will be back with you in the New Year but for now our message to you is –‘Take care if you are travelling over Christmas – be happy and enjoy!

And the final word from my friend here… HO! HO! HO! Don’t forget the mince pies!!!!!!!!!!

Annie & Adrian

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