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Meaning of Flowers - Color and Types

Say it with flowers! For many years this has been the ‘Slogan’ of the florists. But do we know what the meaning of flowers is?

Meaning of flowers in colour

  • Red stands for passion, vitality, love, romance, warmth, seduction, strength, activity, decisiveness, decadence, style and luxury.
  • Pink stands for romance, tenderness, delicate, joy, birth, innocence, simplicity (baby pink), sweet and softness.
  • Orange symbolises merriment, conviviality, warmth, optimism, joy, strength, vitality, energy, extravert, attention, motion, celebration, sportsmanship.
  • Yellow as symbolic meaning energy, activity, growth, strength, loving, hugging, radiant, optimism, joy, cheerfulness, warmth, sunshine and spring or new beginning.
  • White stands for purity, purity, cleanliness, simplicity, freshness, birth, brightness, light, silence and tranquility, natural love, innocence, truth, naturel, perfection and piety.

Meaning of flowers on species

  • Acacia – friendship, intimate
    Achillea – elegance, friendship
    Aconitum – beware
    Allium – humility, patience, unity
    Alstroemeria – ambitious, devotion, good fortune, hopeful,  wealth
    Amaryllis – awe, admiration, enchanting beauty, pride
    Anemone – caring, expectation, fragile, sincerity, thoughtfulness
    Anthurium – hospitality
    Antirrhinum – deception, presume
    Asclepia (orange) – dignity
    Aster – contented love, happy in old age
    Azaleas – abundance, fragile, moderation
  • Babys Breath – everlasting love, happiness, innocence
    Bamboo – durability, indestructibility, sincerity
    Begonia – beware, take care
    Bluebell – humility, everlasting love, gratitude
    Buttercup – childishness, wealth
  • Cactus – endurance
    Calla lilies – beauty
    Camellia – admiration, beauty, perfection
    Campanula – thankfulness
    Carnation – fascination, gratitude, love, maturity and wisdom, spontaneity, unpredictability, unreliability Chrysanthemum – all souls, good friend, thoughts of precious souls
    Chrysanthemum (yellow) – cautious love, rejection, vulnerability
    Columbine – unpredictability , unreliability
    Cosmos – peaceful
    Crocus – cheerfulness, joy, spring feeling
    Cyclamen – goodbye, farewell, resignation
  • Daffodil – regard, respect
    Dahlia – dignity, good taste, elegance, luxury, splendour, wealth
    Daisy – innocence, loyal, purity, romance
    Delphinium  – ardent
  • Eryngium  – austerity, independence
    Eucalyptus – protection
  • Fern – fascination, sincerity
    Forget-me-not – do not for-get-me, memories, true love
    Forsythia – anticipation, good nature, innocence
    Freesia – faith, friendship, innocence, trust
    Fuchsia – good taste
  • Gardenia – joy, purity, sweet love
    Geranium – encounter, friendship, sociability
    Gerbera – cheerfulness, happiness
    Gladiolus – generosity, natural grace, sincerity, strength of character
    Gloxinia – love at first sight
    Grass – submission, surrender
    Gypsophila – innocence, pure of heart
  • Heather – admiration, solitude
    Hibiscus – delicate beauty
    Holly – joyful, light, radiation
    Honeysuckle – generous, dedication, reliability, strength
    Houseleek – eternal life, maturity, prosperity
    Hyacinth – peace, power, sincerity, strength
    Hydrangea – impulsiveness, insensitive, instability
    Hypericum – good health
  • Iris – affection, faith, friendship, hope, message, promise, wisdom
    Ivy – affection, durable, friendship, loyal, strong
  • Jonquil – desire, love me, sympathy
  • Larkspur – beautiful spirit, fickleness, flippancy
    Lathyrus – departure, goodbye
    Lavender – distrust, refusal
    Lilac – beauty, first love
    Lily – intensity, pristine strength, purity
    Lily of the valley – humility, intensity, purity, truth
    Lotus Flower – purity, spirituality, truth
  • Magnolia – dignity, nobility
    Marigold – contradiction, cruelty, despair, grief, jealousy
    Mimosa – friendship, gentleness, faithfulness, sensitivity
    Moss – charity, maternal love
  • Narcissi – new life, maturity, springtime, vanity
    Nasturtium – conquest, patriotism
  • Oleander – beauty, caution, grace
    Orange Blossom – eternal love, happiness, innocence, purity, wisdom
    Orchids – beauty, love
  • Palm – Success, victory, win honorably
    Pansy – expectation, happiness, hopeful, thoughtful
    Passionflower – faith, nurture passion and grief, suffering
    Peony- healing, nobility, pride
    Petunia – anger, resentment
    Phlox – souls reunited
    Pine – hope, pity
    Poinsettia – of good cheer
    Poppy – authority, competitive, imagination, pride, superiority
    Primrose – I need you, young love
    Primrose (Evening) – inconstancy
  • Ranunculus – charming, radiant
    Rhododendron – beware, take care
    Rose – love
  • Snapdragon – deception, presumptuous
    Snowdrop – hope
    Solidago – success
    Stephanotis – good luck, happy marriage
    Stock – lasting beauty
    Sunflower – adoration, pride, sunshine
    Sweet Pea – departure, goodbye, thank you
    Sweet William – gallantry
  • Tuberose – pleasure
    Tulip – good luck, passion, romance, true and eternal love
  • Verbena – will you get your wish
    Violet – faithfulness, hopeful,  virtue
  • Wallflower – faithfulness
    Water Lily – purity of heart
    Wisteria – steadfast, welcome
  • Yarrow – good health, healing
  • Zinnia – thoughts of absent friends

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