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chutney recipe

Chutney is a condiment that originated in India. There it is served with a meal, just like tomato ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise. The idea of chutney is a fruit or vegetable puree enriched with herbs like garlic, pepper and onion. You can also add sugar and vinegar. Chutney can therefore be sweet, but also savory / spicy!


You can create your own chutney yourself with fruits, vegetables and herbs from your own garden. Below is a recipe with apples, blueberries and onions, but there are of course many other variations for chutneys.


• 1 kg. Apples
• 300 gr. blueberries
• 300 gr. onions
• 275 gr. granulated or caster sugar
• 150 ml balsamic vinegar
• Cinnamon
• Black pepper


Peel the apples, cut out the seeds and cut the apples into chunks. Peel the onions and cut into rings. Mix the apple and onion with the sugar, vinegar and spices in a pan. Heat the mixture over a low heat to the boil, stirring all the time. Make sure everything is mixed together well. Simmer for a further 3 minutes continuously stirring. Add the blueberries and cook for a further 10 minutes.


The chutney is ready when it becomes the right consistency for you. Spoon the mixture into a glass jar. As you’ve made the recipe with vinegar, the chutney will last between 3-6 months. Vinegar has namely a saving effect, and with the acid bacteria has no chance!

Chutney is delicious with pork, beef, chicken and cheese, and as an accompaniment to the barbecue or fondue.



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