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Lily Garden - Standing Proud

Lily Garden - Standing ProudDid you know that the lily symbolises the 30th wedding anniversary, meaning devotion? So if any of you gardeners are looking forward to celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary next summer why don’t you start planning now by ordering some lily bulbs and then next year you can present your other half with a bouquet of lovingly home grown lilies? How romantic is that?

This year I have grown several different varieties of lilies, they are so easy to grow and maintain, flowering for weeks with beautiful large showy flowers, even their buds are elegant. Another great thing about lilies is their sturdy stems which make them stand so proud wherever you plant them- either in the garden or in pots.

Lily Garden - Lily and Maple
Lily & Maple

There are just so many on the market these days and the fragrance of some is captivating. Just plant them up keep them watered and remember even though they love the sun they do love their feet cool. Couldn’t resist this snap shot -as I said earlier about them loving the sun, I think this shot ‘says it all’ as it has even flowered through my Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum ‘Dissectum Garnet’).

Together they make quite a duo!

I have taken so many photos of my lily ‘Bellsong’ – every time I pass them and see them at a slightly different angle I run for the camera. ‘Bellsong’ is beautiful with its large trumpet-shaped flowers with a length of 25 cm in the most lovely pink colour, plus the sweet fragrance as you walk nearby them is quite breath taking. As they are perfect for cutting I would love to see a vase of them in my home but cannot bring myself to snip them out of their growing spot. The quantity of flowers increases every year!

Lilies do have one enemy – the lily beetle which is bright red in colour, the grubs are yellow. To prevent them from eating the leaves and other arterial parts of the lily, remove the beetles, eggs or grubs and destroy them. Several pesticides exist, but lily beetles rapidly become immune to them.

Here are a few more lilies from my garden – equally beautiful.

This next one is from my gardening friend’s garden – Adrian is also a great fan of lilies and I’ll never hear the last of it if I don’t show one of his. Sadly some of them are getting past their best but I did plant up some a little later which are now beginning to open.

I hope my lilies have given you some inspiration – please pick up the latest Bakker Spalding catalogue or go on line at and get ordering those lily bulbs for your very own 2016 lily patch.



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