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Interesting facts about our two favourite Christmas beauties


Poinsettias are the UK’s number one Christmas plant, with the most being bought during the six weeks prior to the 25th of December each year.


Amaryllis, means “to sparkle” in Greek.


The coloured parts of Poinsettias are not actually flowers, but bracts (modified leaves).


Amaryllis are considered an easy to grow bulb and can last for many years, if well cared for.


Aztecs used Poinsettias for many things, including fabric dyes and medicine for reducing fever.



Amaryllis are also known as “knight stars” and “naked ladies.”


Amaryllis originate from South America and South Africa and can come in shades of orange, pink, red, white and salmon. Bakker Spalding Garden Centre sell many varieties in all of these colours,

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Amaryllis naturally bloom in the spring, however bulbs can be forced to bloom in December.



Merry Christmas to you all.


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