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Keukenhof 2016 - Photo 1

March the 24th, was the open day of Keukenhof 2016! have been proud sponsors of the Keukenhof now for many years. I was lucky enough to visit recently and my high expectations were well and truly met! From walking though the gates, the sense of excitement is buzzing around you. For any gardener, I can only liken it to Charlie entering the Chocolate Factory! Just wow!

It was a chilly morning when I arrived. I was one of the first through the gate and headed straight off in search of the amazing Bakker gardens, I have seen so many photos and videos, I couldn’t wait to see them for real.

Keukenhof 2016 - Photo 6
Keukenhof 2016

On route, I had to keep stopping to take photos of all around me. I loved the naturalised areas with running water and tall trees, it was just like stepping into a fictional wood in a fairytale.

Exploring along the twisting paths and stepping stones, everywhere you look, there is nature at its best. I really hope that all gardeners, at least once in their life time, visit the beautiful Keukenhof in Spring.

Keukenhof 2016 - Photo 5
Keukenhof 2016

After walking for about 40 minutes, stopping every 2 for snaps and a look around me, I came across the fabulous Gardens, absolutely stunning. Here is a video of just what I saw taken with a drone!!

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