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July Garden Summer

More and more colour creeping into the garden and I love it. Even the vegetable beds are looking full and healthy and the fun of picking fresh lettuce every night is so enjoyable. I am a novice at growing beans but they are doing well and are shimming nicely up their canes – I’ve had a bet with Adrian which one is going to get to the top first. The prize – who wins gets ‘First Crop’.

But the gardens are really coming alive – it’s always sad to see the end of the flowering period of particular plants but others spring up in their place. This is why it is a good idea to plan well by the different flowering times and for months you should have colour in your garden.

My Verbena ‘Lanai Twister’ is such a delight I just don’t want the flowering period to come to an end. The fabulous tricolor flowers are so pretty! The Himalayan Honeysuckle is just starting to flower, another month and the racemes will look amazing – the buddleia is a little later this year but with all the bad spring weather many plants have been delayed flowering for a few weeks. But whichever direction I look in the garden I can see something of interest.

The fuchsias are about to perform – exquisite flowers like small ballerinas in their many beautiful colours. The ones that are flowering at the front of the bowl are ‘Voodoo’. Adrian and I grew pansies from seed and here they are coming into flower – result! A good job we grew quite a few. They have been added to the hanging baskets and various planters.

I hope you enjoy the coming months in your garden – I know I will!

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