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Because gardening has many aspects which are not hard and fast, it is not easy to say specifically when is or isn’t the correct time for doing a certain job. In fact, many tasks can be done absolutely in the wrong season, and the fortunate gardener often still gets away with it.

Start indoor maintenance jobs. Go through your tools and make sure that they are clean, well oiled and sharp, where appropriate. Now is a good time to get the mower serviced and any electrical equipment checked over for faults. Seed trays and plant pots should always be clean  before they are reused so you could give these a quick bath.  Check stored stock periodically to ensure none are rotting.

Seed catalogues will usually arrive this month, so you can sort out next year’s orders. Cover any plants arriving in bad weather with sacking in a shed or garage till conditions improve.

For those of you who have snow don’t forget to knock the snow off evergreens and make a hole in the ice on the fish pond to enable fish to breathe.

Last but not least, pick some holly and other greenery, bring a few pots of flowering plants in from the greenhouse, put some bowls of bulbs about the place and enjoy eating your store of fruit, vegetables and winter greens.


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