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All the jobs for January can continue to be done in February, and also the following –

In the greenhouse

Sow in a warm greenhouse, or heated propagator, Begonia semperflorens, pelargoniums, aubergines, French beans and celery.

Start into growth dahlia tubers and chrysanthemum stools from which cuttings can be taken later in the month.


Sow early vegetables and sweet peas in mild areas only and protect with cloches.

Plant Jerusalem artichokes, chives, horseradish, summer flowering bulbs. Start planting hardy herbaceous plants later in the month.

Prick out seedlings sown under glass last winter.

Top dress soft fruit with a high-potassium fertilizer such as sulphate of potash to encourage healthy flower and fruit production.

Prune back and re-pot fuchsias and other half-hardy shrubs overwintered in a cool place indoors in their pots. Start giving warmth and moisture to waken them into growth, and take cuttings towards the end of the month.

Prune winter jasmine after flowering and cut back large-flowered clematis and shrubs flowering after July on growth made in the current season (e.g., Buddleia davidii).

Cut down autumn fruiting raspberries to ground level.

Spray (twice at 3-weekly intervals) peaches etc., with Bordeaux mixture against peach leaf curl.


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