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The Dracaena is named as the houseplant of the month for February. This particular plant, also known as Dragon Blood Tree, is guaranteed to make a statement in your living room! With its exuberant and flamboyant appearance you can enjoy the tranquillity it exudes. We have several Dracaenas in our range of exclusive houseplants – each has its own eye-catching foliage.

Dragon Tree

Dracaena is derived from the Greek ‘drakaina’ which means ‘female’ dragon’. This being that if you cut into the stem (which we do not advise) it releases a red resin which is compared to Dragons blood. Most Dracaena varieties originate from Africa, but also in South Asia and Central America variations of the dragon’s blood tree can be found.

It is important that the Dracaena has plenty of room to develop and that it is not left in a dark corner. They enjoy lots of light but kept well away from direct sunlight, they also like warmth and thrive on a high humidity. The special colours of the leaves and the fine leaf markings are in fact dependent on receiving adequate (sun) light. Get it right and the plant will reward you with its beautiful leaves, in terms of colour and shape in the trendiest varieties. Pointed leaves, sometimes more rounded, green, green with yellow, green and red, pink: the leaves of some of the varieties almost look as if they are fire-breathing dragons! Thanks to the diversity of this plant in appearance the Dracaena actually complements any interior. Try one for yourself – you’ll be amazed!

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