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Hosta Valley

A couple of years ago we attended The BBC Gardeners World show in Birmingham. Whist looking around I came across a fantastic stall selling Hosta’s. It was one of those “eureka” moments! I suddenly realised what a brilliant plant this was with those fantastic leaves and sizes. So I have turned over a small section of my front garden to the growing of this particular plant (Though it doesn’t stop me planting it elsewhere!) Seeing as all these famous gardeners always seem to have  names for bits of their gardens I decided to call it “Hosta Valley” Not sure why as the area where I am is as flat as a pancake so there are definitely no valleys!

The Hosta originates from Asia. I read that there are some 70 species though I can’t verify that, however I do know there are plenty to choose from. My own favourite which I picked up at that show I mentioned, is called “Devon Green”. As the name suggests it has a dark green leaf and it was sold to me on the basis its thick pest resistant leaves. That’s quite important actually as I hadn’t realised just how popular Hostas were with snails! Now until this point I had treated snails as one of natures minor irritants.  But surveying the morning after the night before when they had had such a feast they were now a major threat. I did try collecting them up and moving down the road to some common land. However before long they were back and I saw a TV article that suggested they have a way of finding their way home again! So now I used pellets and that has resulted in far less damage to the plants. Sorry Mr Snail.

Here is a picture of Hosta valley taken this week in a rare moment of sunshine!

Hosta Valley

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