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Harvesting Vegetables Garden

P1010247-930x1240At the weekend we started our new project we erected a raised vegetable bed – just a small one to begin with to see how we get on. It’s surprising how much you can grow in one – or so we have been told, we will find out when we start growing. No time for photos Adrian, we’ve got to get this bed erected.

This is the kit

  1. Planks for 1 bed
  2. 10 bags of top soil

Shows how much homework we did we bought 5 bags of topsoil and Adrian had to go back for 5 more. Looking pretty good!




Rain rain rain – Adrian came round for our usual gardening night and rain ‘stopped play’. As we couldn’t get into the garden to work on the vegetable bed we spent some time pricking out some seeds in the greenhouse – looking quite healthy – we should have some nice look looking plants for the garden in a few weeks.


We’ve also planted up some small planting stacks which will make a decorative feature for the patio. They will look really pretty with different varieties of plants.


Raised vegetable bed

Most vegetables are suitable for growing in the bed but it goes without saying that some are better than others and as this is our 1st attempt at this we are going to keep it simple. Whichever you decide to grow make sure that the soil is deep enough for the roots.

As it was raining and we couldn’t get outside it was a good time to decide what we are going to grow – maybe we should have thought of that before we built the box! We have a few lettuce plants in already which is always handy to pop outside and just collect sufficient leaves for a salad.

Adrian has suggested we put in the 3 strawberry plants that we are growing. It will be trial and error for us this season and maybe next time we can be more adventurous. A few spring onions would be nice to go with the salad – we are going to grow these using seed tapes which need no prior treatment – the seed tape is ready to use.


And maybe we could try our hand at garlic (just checked garlic out but will leave them until the autumn as that is the best planting time). We have sown some beans in the greenhouse – but maybe not for our box as you need a bit more space and the canes need depth for stability. We’ve still got a few spare tomato plants so they can go in. If this all goes well – which we are both quite confident that it will, next year we could add another box and progress to more varieties of vegetables.

Adrian has done his homework regarding watering (no problem today as it is still raining) and has told me I must keep an eye on it during warm weather. If we have any spaces we can also throw in a few herbs – that is one thing about growing in this manner you can put plants closer together. We both love food and agree growing what you are going to eat gives you a very rewarding feeling.

The good thing about all this is that it is in my garden and I will have the pleasure of just walking outside when I want some fresh lettuce etc. – I may take Adrian the odd lettuce leaf or two.

Vegetables that can be grown

French Beans (Dwarf)
Spring Onions

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