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Asian Lily Queen of the Night
Asian Lily Queen of the Night
Asian Lily Queen of the Night

Hopefully we will soon be leaving the dull drab days behind us and looking ahead to the wakening up of our gardens. For lots of us we will see the return of our much loved favourites that we have protected over winter. But if you are looking to add new and extra colour to your garden take a look at this sensational Asian Lily ‘Queen of the Night’. Such a beauty with almost black velvety petals accentuated with bright orange stamens and a lovely fragrance too!

Adrian and I are really excited about this new addition to our Bakker Spalding range. It’s so intriguing and has been cultivated exclusively to celebrate Bakker Spalding’s 70 year anniversary – it certainly has the ‘WOW’ factor.

We are delighted that not only is it grabbing our attention but on our Facebook Page it is quite obvious that it has attracted the attention of so many of you already.

It’s certainly a must have for us – why not make it a must have for you too? We can’t wait for it to flower and when it does we will be ready with camera in hand to capture this most captivating lily. Maybe you could also do that and then later in the year share your photos with us.

It’ll be a real gem in the garden – I may have to plant mine at the front of the house for all to see, not that I am a show off – I‘ll leave that to the spectacular ‘Queen of the Night’ herself!

Why not check this out for yourself on our website at!


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