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Just a few days to go and here’s hoping that everyone wherever you are have a lovey Christmas. My tree is decked – the Santas are back on the fireplace and I’m almost ready. My Grandchildren are growing up and the festivities take on a slightly different aspect – where once it was up at the crack of dawn, it’s now a more reasonable hour that the festivities begin – I’ve been told ‘Grannie no coming round too early’ – having said that they are ages 24 and 16.

Merry Christmas - Bakker Holland - Spalding 3But let’s not forget those who are less fortunate than ourselves – our thoughts are with the homeless and those that have recently suffered with the floods. We hope that everyone finds some happiness and kindness over the festive season.

On Christmas day my stepdaughter and her husband have volunteered along with many others to help serve and deliver Christmas lunches to those who are unable to care for themselves and who will be so happy just to see a friendly smile on Christmas day. A lovely example for caring for others – something I will give thought to do myself next Christmas.

Merry Christmas - Bakker Holland - Spalding 2So many of us take for granted that we will automatically spend Christmas with our friends or family but we should remember that there are many who are not so lucky and often spend Christmas by themselves.

Bakker Spalding will be back with you in the New Year with the start of a new season but for now our message to you is – ‘Take care if you are travelling over Christmas – be happy and enjoy!

And the final word from my friend here ……

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Don’t forget the mince pies!!!!!!!!!!


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