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With the weather we have had these last few weeks it has been almost impossible to get out and enjoy working in the garden. But there are still many worthwhile jobs that can be done if you have a greenhouse, shed or maybe take over a part of the kitchen.

One Wednesday night Adrian and I decided to work in the greenhouse and create some hanging baskets. All of the plants that we used were from seeds we had sown earlier and also some fuchsias and some left over plants that we had grown last year.

One good thing about hanging baskets is that ‘anything goes’. You can use all different varieties of plants to create a ball of colour or choose just 1 colour of 1 variety. There are so many choices of plants e.g. fuchsias, trailing geraniums, petunias, surfinias, lobelia, verbenas, begonias, bacopa and variegated ivy that are ideal for hanging baskets.

We were working side by side with a basket each in front of us and eagerly looking at the choice of plants around us to create our own masterpiece – he’s looking at the beautiful deep mauve coloured petunia and I’m thinking ‘don’t you dare I have my eye on that’ when I spied another equally as vibrant and settled for that.

How to begin and what you will need:

A hanging basket + a liner if it is an all wire basket – (I prefer a basket bottom one and just fill the top) – multipurpose compost – trowel and scissors and approximately 15 plants, (depending on size of basket) choose smaller plants which are easier to work with.

What to do

Stand the basket on a large plant pot or bucket – line the basket and make holes where the plants will be – add some compost to the bottom of the basket – start planting the plants by gently pushing them through the liner then add more compost and repeat until the basket is full – finish by arranging the last top layer of plants. Finally make sure you give it a good soaking of water. During warm weather water at least twice a day – early morning and early evening and don’t forget a weekly liquid feed.

Mission complete – leave in the greenhouse to harden off and when there is no longer danger of frosts look around outside and choose the ideal spot for your ’Pièce de résistance’. I have a favourite place for mine – I have a lovely old parasol-shaped apple tree and I like to hang my baskets from the lower branches. They don’t get beaten down by the rain or scorched by the sun – but Squiggy the squirrel does creep along the branches and helps himself to the odd plant or two.

I have to admit we are both very proud of our efforts and can’t wait to show them off to friends and neighbours and when asked ‘where did you get your hanging baskets’ It’s a proud feeling to say ‘I planted it up myself’. What say you Adrian?

Buy yourself a basket and plants etc. and get out there and have fun – Happy Gardening!

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