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Views from the Greenhouse

What more can you ask for on a Saturday afternoon? Adrian and I have been planning a get together for planting and today’s the day. Our order from Bakker Spalding has arrived and we are eager to get started. Such a great feeling to get back into the gardening mode after the cold winter days.

Sleeves already rolled up but before we start we’ll spend a little time drinking coffee and a little homework working out the depth for planting etc. and making sure that the pots we are going to use all have holes in the base.

Looking through the Bakker Spalding catalogue earlier this year there were so many beautiful bulbs and plants that we wanted for our patio tubs, it was a very hard choice – each and every product have their own appeal, so because we ordered so many it looks as if we have our afternoon mapped out for us.

Making a start

View from the Greenhouse - AdrianAdrian is a lover of lilies so we started off with those. Unfortunately the black lily ‘Queen of the Night’ which was a Bakker Spalding exclusive was so popular and no longer available when we placed our order so we were sent a replacement lily ‘Dimension’. A similar product in colour which I am sure we will be delighted with especially as we were sent extra bulbs in a larger size. So we have already started our next season’s wish list with our original choice ‘Queen of the Night’. The lilies are planted and I am sure Adrian is willing them to start shooting – patience Adrian, all in good time – the wait will be worth it.

We’ve now got everything planted, African lilies, Society Garlic (lovely delicate pink flowers), Ismene ‘Sulphur Queen’ (with a rather unique shaped flower), Globe flower ‘Golden Queen’  which is one of Bakker Spalding’s new products this season, the colour looks amazing – can’t wait for that to come into flower and another new product, a climber Mashua ‘Ken Aslet’, this one quite took our fancy with such striking flowers. After potting up more lilies (‘Sugar Love’ and ‘Bellsong’), dahlias and begonias our afternoon was complete.

After a few days in the greenhouse we will gradually let them get acclimatised to the outdoor temperatures before leaving them out all the time. Now that we have them tucked up in their pots the daily joy for me begins. As every morning before setting off to work I’ll be nipping down to the greenhouse to see what is happening as I know that my usual ‘Morning Anne’ greeting from Adrian will be replaced with ‘anything happening in the pots’?

Now the waiting games starts – it’s exciting knowing that an afternoon’s work will produce our very own flower festival. We’ll be back soon to keep you updated!   In the meantime enjoy the time that you spend in your own garden – have fun!


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