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Children - Gardening May

What better combination can you have than children and gardens? In their own garden they can play whilst learning about nature.

Special place for children in the garden

Children love to have their own patch in the garden, maybe it could be a sand pit or even their own stretch of grass to play on.  Play equipment always goes down well. Bear in mind that it is best to choose a part of the garden that is not too much in full sun. Make sure there is enough shade, maybe behind a fence or hedging or possibly the use of an existing tree in the garden.

Children helping in the garden

It’s lovely that children always want to help in the garden. There are jobs for even the youngest to tackle e.g. watering, picking strawberries, or even weeding – although it is always best to keep an eye on them in case they mistake plants for weeds (but then haven’t we all made that mistake?)

As children get older, let them maintain their very own vegetable plot. It’s never too early for them to learn and understand that vegetables are not grown in supermarkets.  It is also an encouragement for them to be more advantageous in eating them.

Make the choice of a piece of garden that will be suitable, cover with some fresh soil and then sprinkle the seeds. A popular choice to start with is sunflowers and pumpkins as their seeds are that much larger than most and easier for the children’s small hands to handle.

Encourage wildlife to the garden, choose flower seeds whose flowers attract butterflies and bees.

If you haven’t got a garden, get them involved in ‘container grown’ herbs and vegetables.

To get them interested, treat them to their own garden tools, there’s a fabulous range of kids’ stuff on the market even down to their own wheelbarrows.

Good luck – what better time to be a kid yourself and muck in!

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