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Adrian and I were quite intrigued with these when we were introduced to them. For those of you who may not have heard of Fuseables® they are a unique method for combining plants the easy way. The latest innovation in the field of technology. They are a kind of coated seed pellet composed of several seeds which have undergone a special treatment, plus the addition of fertiliser.

Very easy to use as 1 seed is sufficient for a 15-20 cm Ø flower pot and three pellets will do for a 24-30 cm Ø pot. As each pellet contains 10 seeds we will get a great mixture in one pot. As we are both lovers of hanging baskets we are planning to use them in this years baskets. Every year we plant up several for our gardens – Adrian for his decking and for me I like to hang them under my apple tree. Spoilt for choice we have decided to try all of them.

Here we have Fuseables®

‘Healing Waters’, a mixture of petunias and bacopa in pinks and purples
‘Sunny Day’, a mixture of yellow violas and white alyssum
‘Strawberry Wine’, a mixture of petunias in pink and red

We are quite excited by them – imagine planting just 1 seed and ‘voilà, sufficient flowers to fill a pot or hanging basket. And they germinate in a matter of 3-4 days, that’s what pleases Adrian – no waiting time to see some action. Which reminds me the hanging baskets need checking over – you may have guessed already that is Adrians job!

We will be back to you at a later date when they are flowering.

Have we tempted you? If so click here and you’ll find them on our website.


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