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As promised after writing about the Fuseables® in February, I said that I would return at a later date once they had flowered…for those of you who may not have read the earlier blog or heard of Fuseables® they are a unique method for combining plants the easy way – the latest innovation in the field of technology. They are a kind of coated seed pellet composed of several seeds which have undergone a special treatment, plus the addition of fertiliser.

Pellets – who would think something so small would turn into something so wonderful?!


I have had so much fun watching these Fuseables® grow. They were sprouting within 10 days from sowing and the journey from planting just 1 pellet in a pot to the final stage of flowering has been well worth it. Very easy to use as 1 pellet is sufficient for a 15-20 cm Ø flower pot and three pellets will do for a 24-30 cm Ø pot. Imagine that, 1 pellet producing a pot full of flowers in different varieties! The combination of the seed is selected for their similar growth rate and flowering period.

The flowers look so natural and compatible in the pot, ideal for decorating the patio. I had planned to grow one in a hanging basket but must have had a senior moment as I completely forgot. Maybe not too late – as I have some spare hanging baskets I will try and transfer the contents of one the pots into the basket.


With such easy sowing and virtually maintenance free they are bound to become popular – next season get in there and set the trend in your street!


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