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I really love to get outside this time of year, the cutting back can be done, and unlike the summer months, it isn’t a mammoth task to keep on top of. The bird feeders are always in need of a top-up and there are only a few weeds to keep at bay, enough pottering to give you some fresh air without getting frost bite, ( I hate the cold). With all the unseasonally warm weather we have been having my lawn could really do with a cut, I am holding off though, I will only regret it if a sharp frost does come.

Fuchsia Censation

One of the things I do love about this time of year, which coincides with working for Bakker, is being one of the first to try out our New and Exclusive products each season, the excitement never fades! The 1st product for me this year had to be the elegant Fuchsia Censation! It really is an all-rounder! It keeps it’s green all year round, in the summer it produces beautiful delicate pink flowers AND, if that wasn’t enough, it produces edible fruits, which we are excited about trying. I have it planted up in my potting shed and when the time is right, I will pop it outside in a nice sunny sheltered spot. I think it’s going to be a real talking point at summer barbeques this year.

If like me, you love to try new plants in your garden, here is the link to the web page, why not treat yourself whilst they are still in stock.

Happy February everyone.


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