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December is the month we spend most of our time indoors, the weather outside is cold and only a few hours of daylight. However, we don’t have to miss out on the wonderful colours and smells associated with winter. Many plants come into their own during the winter months such as evergreen hedges, the wonderful colours contrast amidst the colder weather; the scents in the morning revive your senses and bring colour to a gloomy day. Below you will find tips on how to create a fantastic winter-green garden feature and how you can use evergreen plants in your Christmas flower arrangements –

Winter-green garden feature

Leucothoe Scarletta
this is a beautiful evergreen shrub that feels comfortable on the patio. The leaves become deep red in winter, eventually turning green in the spring. It is advisable to protect the pot in severe frost. Ideally wrap bubble wrap around the pot.

Camillia is a richly flowering plant, with its large, eye-catching flowers it looks great in a pot. Camellia is a member of the tea family. The Camellia keeps their leaves in winter making it a decorative sight on the garden table.

This magnificent evergreen plant produces masses of striking red berries. Also known as wintergreen, this is a popular plant and would be an asset to any winter garden.

Cyclamen Persicum (Florist’s Cyclamen)
This mixed collection of winter-flowering cyclamens are an ideal addition when creating a Christmas decoration. The beautiful flowers appear in great abundance over the winter months. A real  eye-catcher for your feature.

Choosing a pot

As soon as you have chosen which hardy plants you will be using for your winter-green table, you will then have to create a suitable layout. The design is entirely up to you, just use your imagination! One thing to consider is you may change your mind and swap ideas around so try to avoid using heavy pots or containers. Do not forget to position your plants on the table or on the ground in such a way that you have a good view of them from indoors.

Christmas flower arrangements

As well as creating your unique winter-green table, you could also make a floral Christmas arrangement to bring your garden indoors. Floral arrangements brighten up any room and light your spirit. You can purchase a lovely arrangement at your local shop or supermarket but these are not always exactly to your test plus making your own is much more rewarding! You get to choose your favourite colours, foliage, and yours is unique. A foam base is best but you can also use polystyrene. You may want to include some lovely bush clippings accompanied with red berries. This gives you an instant feeling of Christmas. Some suitable plants commonly found in the garden include holly and conifer varieties, Skimmia Japonica, Pieris Japonica and ivy (Hedera Hibernica). You could also use moss, pine needles, Christmas baubles or even artificial snow. To prolong your arrangement occasionally spray the foliage with water.

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