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The clematis is a popular plant. And it is easy to see why. They have beautiful flowers, grow easily and are a colourful eye catcher in your garden! Spalding Plant & Bulb Co. have a large assortment of Clematis’s online, with a whopping 41 different species. Each more beautiful in colour and shape than the other! Clematis plants grow and thrive just about anywhere. In the garden they prefer a semi-shaded place, where the roots are cool and sufficiently moist. The clematis needs a good broad, deep hole with nutritious soil.

  • Dig the planting hole and pierce aeration holes in the walls. Press on the side of the pot using your foot and carefully pull the plant from the pot.
  • Gently pull the bottom roots down while holding the root ball. Place the plant in the hole, about 6 cm deeper than it was in the pot.
  • Water the plant in and fill the hole with fertile soil. Firm the soil around the roots with your hand and water well again.
  • Put a layer of straw or leaves around the base of the plant to give the roots some shade. Remove the bamboo cane from the roots and replace it with a larger cane.


Clematis is not self-clinging despite its ranking shoots. The plant needs some climbing support. If you want to train your clematis against a wall, you can thread galvanised wire through screw eyes and stretch it (using turnbuckles). This will leave some space between the wall and the wire and allow the clematis to twist itself around the wire. Alternatively you can buy a wooden trellis form a shop. Use binding that does not cut into the shoots and leaves sufficient space for expansion, thick raffia, for instance.

Ideal for small gardens

The small flowered Clematis alpina is particularly suitable for small gardens as it does not grow too tall. The same goes for the large-flowered ‘Miss Bateman’, Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’ and Clematis ‘Jackmanii’. Their compact shape also makes them suitable for large containers. A support, plenty of water and regular feeding are essential.

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