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Christmas cake for Birds

What a fun afternoon we have just had! Isaac, my very capable assistant and I made a real treat for the garden birds. Following the RSPB website, we mixed together seeds, nuts, raisins and good old fashioned lard! In a mixing bowl we softened the lard and added the nuts, we gave it a good stir and added the seeds and raisins. Once it was all mixed together we spooned the mixture into our prepared container and leveled the cake out.

You can use all types of things as a container, a margarine tub, washed out yogurt pots, waterproof boxes etc… We put two holes in the bottom of a small box and looped some string for hanging it up once it is finished. We put some tape in the bottom of the box to stop any leaking. Once we had chilled the cake in the fridge for two hours it was ready to hang up in the garden.

Already we have had two robins and a sparrow investigate their festive feast.

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