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Chelsea Entrance
Chelsea Entrance

An Enjoyable Day at Chelsea Flower Show! Last year Adrian went off to the Chelsea Flower Show and left me behind – this year it was the reverse, I went off and left Adrian behind. My friend Liz and myself both being keen gardeners were very excited about the day ahead of us until we were travelling through London in a coach with the weather looking anything but friendly. Thunder above us, lightening around us and it was bucketing with rain as we arrived outside our venue. But as we climbed down from the coach after a long journey the rain stopped and out came the sun – we couldn’t believe our luck and the rain only returned later at night just before we started our return journey home.

'Miss Saori'
‘Miss Saori’

Everyone who took part must be congratulated, the amount of work that goes into such a show is incredible. The gardens were all very inspirational but I agree with what Adrian said last year the Great Pavilion got our vote. The flowers and presentations were absolutely spellbinding. I kept wanting to dart all over the place every time something caught my eye but my sensible friend made me walk up and down the rows so as not to miss anything – Ok Liz – yes you were right, I would hate to have missed some of those stunning flowers.

The plant of the year was the hydrangea ‘Miss Saori’. A really lovely mophead with double petalled flowers around white centres and each petal had a beautiful deep rose coloured margin.


I am a real hosta lover and was mesmerized by the huge varieties on show (and not a snail in sight)! I think for me, my favourite would have to be the ‘White Garden’ display which is something that Adrian and I have often said we would like to create. Going through our

Spalding Plant and Bulb autumn catalogue we have chosen a variety of white plants for planting this autumn which we will reveal to you in a later blog, so who knows maybe by next year Adrian and myself could be boasting our own ‘White Garden.

Must make a mention of the best in Show Garden – which was awarded to the Laurent-Perrier garden. In the main part of his garden he used a green and cream-yellow mix of euphorbias, lupins and foxgloves with the occasional splash of colour from iris and phlox – a much deserved winner! It was interesting to see that almost all of the gardens had chosen foxgloves as a part of their display.

After a couple of hours we headed for the eating quarters and dined on fish and chips washed down with a glass of Laurent-Perrier Champagne – we know how to live life in the fast lane!

A few more beauties from Chelsea…

An enjoyable day out for all flower lovers and if you’ve never been you really should put it in your diary for a day out next year!

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