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Stag Horn

Led Zeppelin is on in the back ground and the coffee table is swamped by a Swiss cheese plant… No you haven’t just stepped back in time, the 1970’s style is set to take interiors by storm this year ( and Zeppelin never went away).


Swiss Cheese Plant

From shag pile rugs, to colourful velvet sofas and house plants in abundance, there’s something to excite everyone about this fun 70s décor style revival.

So, dust off your vinyl and make space in your living room for these must have house plants for winter 2017!

Croton ‘Petra’




Mother-in-law’s tongue

When it came to house plants in the 70s the motto ‘the more the merrier’ was certainly the case, with many living rooms across the UK filled with tropical looking house plants. Create a trendy eclectic 70s inspired look in your living room by introducing spider plants, cactus, ferns, fig trees and mother-in-law’s tongue.







Hanging Plants

Bring some swingin’ 70s flare to your home with macramé hangers. Display stunning hanging-plant varieties in knotted macramé plant holders hung from ceilings or windowsills to give a brilliant 70’s jungle vibe.

Spider Wort








Caring for houseplants

It really isn’t hard to look after your houseplant(s). It’s important to keep them moist (don’t forget to water). Your plant(s) will thank you for lime free (rain) water, not too cold. The amount you give them and how often, rather depends on the plant, and the pot. Once a week is a general rule of thumb.
Houseplants don’t need watering as much in the winter. Once a week is still good, just not so much water. Houseplants like a good drenching every so often. Stand the whole pot in a bucket of water until all air bubbles stop – usually about half an hour. Allow to drain and stand the pot back in its planter, or on its saucer.
Most fresh potting compost has enough nutrients to keep your plant(s) going for about 6 months. Thereafter, we advise feeding your plant(s) regularly. Consider using plant food like phostrogen. This should only be used in the growing/flowering period – say until about September. Plants are generally dormant period over the winter period and will not require feeding. Check the pack label for more advice. Careful dead-heading by hand encourages new flowers to form.

Rock on!


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