Planting Tubs and Baskets

Any large container or tub is perfect at transforming a boring patio or decking by adding bright colours and also bringing the garden closer to the home. The best way to use them is to fill them with a colourful seasonal display of bulbs.
Choose the best compost to ensure satisfactory results. Cow manure has been used in gardens for centuries, but fresh cow manure does have certain drawbacks. Modern technology …Read More


Spalding Bulbs Festival

As part of the continued Spalding Festival, we will give you tips about growing your new bulbs. This will ensure that you can enjoy the bulbs you ordered for many years. The bulbs will repeatedly amaze you by providing a stunning carpet of colour.
 Don’t worry, it is not difficult: After planting the bulbs, you have to do little more than worry! In each garden there will be a ‘best place’ …Read More

Ice-cream tulip

Spalding Flower Festival

This week sees the start of the Spalding Plant & Bulb Company flower festivities! Every year we start our new season with new bulb offers over a 3-week period. Of course, everyone wants beautiful flower bulbs in the garden and we are no different!
From August 15th to 2nd september you can benefit from our wonderful new bulbs and the best deals. Bulbs of all shapes and sizes are available; tulips, daffodils, …Read More


How do you get a beautiful blue hydrangea? Advice from Spalding Plant & Bulb Company

Hydrangeas are generally red, pink or white. This does depend on the breed. Some varieties will remain just pink, but for example the Hydrangea ‘Renate Steiniger’ can become a beautiful sky blue!
A blue hydrangea likes acidic soil. Acidic soil is mostly a sandy soil with a little lime in it. So watch the watering. If there is too much lime in your water, then it is better to give it …Read More


Climbing Roses – Spalding Plant & Bulb Company

Can you see yourself here? Sitting on a bench under a lush growing climbing rose. How can you achieve this dream? Actually, it’s easy! There are many different types of climbing roses and with a little help, they will climb up beautifully.

Various types of climbing roses
Rambler roses (roses vine) grow superbly. The young branches are flexible enough to be guided. Under optimal conditions these grow up to three metres per …Read More