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We all love to see butterflies and bees in the garden – but do we actually think about how best to encourage them into your garden?

It really is quite simple – you just have to give a little thought into which plants are best for attracting them. In fact Spalding Plant and Bulb Co. have made it even easier for you by putting together the following packs:

Plants for Butterflies

Bees & Butterflies PlantsBees & Butterflies PlantsWe don’t see as many butterflies in our gardens as we did years ago which is a shame so that is why with a little thought as to which flowers to grow we can lure them into our gardens.

Hotel for sale!

Insect HotelInsect HotelFancy a ‘hotel’ in your garden then that is something else we can help you with.  The insect ‘hotels’ we offer not only provide shelter and hiding places but they will also look quite cute in your garden. Bees and insects are an indispensable part of our garden and also of the natural ecosystem!  By providing living accommodation for the bees they will repay you by pollinating your plants – so its’ a win-win situation!

Be a Busy Bee and buzz through our website to see for yourself what Spalding has on offer to suit your bee & butterfly garden.


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