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Christmas - Building a Snowman

Adrian has come round to check on the sweet peas that we are growing in the greenhouse and to see if there is any work that we can do. But I have different ideas – Today Adrian, you and I are going to forget our ages and have some fun.

My question to Adrian ‘What do you do when there’s lots of snow’? Adrian’s reply – ‘Stay indoors and keep warm’. ‘No Adrian’ we are going outside to build a snowman.

So the first thing we have to decide is where we are going to build it. The obvious place would be the lawn as there is lots and lots of thick snow, but thinking about it that is not a good idea. The reason being, that walking on grass that is covered in snow causes damage to the grass – so it is best to avoid it. Compacted snow insulates the grass which can result in ‘snow mold’. Building a snowman would mean walking continually over the same ground thus causing damage and leaving marks on the grass after the snow thaws. And we also have to consider the weight of the snowman standing in the same spot for a while on the grass causing even more damage. So to protect the grass we will build it out the front of the house.

Now we have to get together everything we will need after we have built it. Let’s think – a scarf, a hat, brussel sprouts for the eyes, a carrot for the nose and branches for his arms. The next thing is to wrap ourselves up before venturing outside – come on Adrian you will really enjoy this, you can make the body and I’ll make the head.

First you have to start by making a small snowball firming the snow to get a good start and then roll the ball around in the snow gathering more and more snow until it’s the size that you want.

Well that’s mine done I’ve got the size I want for the head – Adrian will be awhile yet to get his large enough for the body so I’ll just slip inside to get warm and for a quick drink. Looks as if Adrian is doing a good job. Almost the right size so I’ll call him in for a coffee before we assemble our snowman.

Off we go to assemble our masterpiece and we are in luck a friend has arrived with his son Toby who will be a great help for dressing ‘Snowy’.  Ok Toby you want him to be the ‘Snowman King’ so we had better change the hat for a crown.

Body and head in place – we’ll just pack some more snow between them so that they stick together and then we’ll leave young Toby to do the dressing.

So for the grown-ups back indoors to warm our hands around the coffee cups and we’ll view the progress from the window. Crown in place – 2 lovely green eyes, a nice shiny red carrot nose and a lovely warm scarf and gloves – hey presto ‘Snowy’ the snowman is complete – well almost, we’d better go and make him a smile – not that he has much to smile about standing out there in this weather.

Well done Toby, oh and you too Adrian.


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