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Sunshine Garden Flowers Pot

It’s surprising the difference a few days of sunshine can make to the flowers in your garden. Returning home from a short break I was delighted to see the change in my garden – flowers, flowers and more flowers.

Shasta Daisy – Perennial

Shasta Daisy
Shasta Daisy

The Shasta daisies (an old favourite of many gardeners) had romped away in my natural corner. Always a joy to see the fresh looking flowers especially when grown in mass. Great border plants and cut flowers too. Often they could do with a little support but in my natural area I quite like the fact that they just grow naturally in all directions. The flowers last for many weeks and if you regularly deadhead them they will flower from early summer through to autumn. They ask very little of you just good drainage. Always a good buy as once planted they naturalise and carry on flowering year after year – what more could you want for your money? Did you know that they were named after Mount Shasta in Northern Carolina supposedly because its petals were the colour of the snow? They also attract bees and butterflies which I think is a bonus for any garden!

Bellflower ‘Kent Belle’– Perennial

Bellflower 'Kent Belle'
Bellflower ‘Kent Belle’

An amazing colour – this is the first year that I have grown these and it’s another beauty that will return again the next year. I am growing mine in a patio planter which is ideal as I have them placed close by the patio window so that I can see them and with such a beautiful vibrant colour, who wouldn’t want them on display and not have them tucked away somewhere. The flowers hang on strong stems but to be on the safe side check that with the weight of the huge flowers the stems may be in need of a stake to keep them upright and also deadheading will help to prolong the flowering time. If they are planted in the garden they look very effective with the beautiful green foliage of the hostas.

Try them for yourself!

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