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Last year Adrian grew some lilies that looked really good on his patio – so not to be beaten, this year I decided to grow some. So glad that I did as they are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!

Are they better than Adrian’s? – Maybe not but I like to think so. I had a pack of 8 lilies in 8 varieties. They look fabulous and are great for cutting for the home too – but do I want to cut them? – NO! But what I will do next year is to buy more and grow extra so that I can enjoy them both in the garden and in the home. I have a friend’s birthday in June so in the spring I will plant up a pot and they’ll just be blooming in time for her birthday. Perfect – now that’s what I call planning ahead. The beauty of these lilies is that they can be planted both in the autumn and in the spring.

Not only do they look great in pots they also look very effective planted in natural groups between perennials, trees and bushes. The showy flowers really do demand attention. The colours are just so striking and if you have a favourite you can also buy them in just the one colour.

One thing that you have to watch out for is the Lily beetle but at least with its bright red colouring they are easily spotted before doing too much damage – just catch them and destroy them – and as you can see they have not affected the flowers or leaves of my lilies.

Another good point is that in winter I can just move the pots to a cool, frost-free place. If I was growing them in the garden I would cover them with some straw or fallen leaves for protection.


P1030273-400x300So what do you think – worth giving them a try? They’ve been flowering for weeks……… and still looking good. I think they are great value for a summer bouquet in your garden don’t you?


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