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Begonias - Amazing colour all summer long!

Begonias are known for their spectacular colours and blousy blooms as well as their long flowering time. With some many varieties on the market these days you are sure to find something to compliment your garden and enjoy a flower festival all summer long! Begonias require minimal maintenance/attention and are especially good for shady areas.

Non Stop Begonias

The colours are beautiful and the flower festival lasts for months on end. The large-flowered, double flowers are beautiful on any patio, decking or in the garden. Due to their very rich and strong-flowering stems, Non stop Begonias also make great border plants by planting them in groups or along the garden path. They appear throughout the entire summer and will attract many admiring glances. Fertilize regularly when planted in the ground.

Fragrant Hanging Begonias

What makes this particular hanging Begonia Odorata all the more special is that it also smells delicious. All in all a beautiful, fragrant hanging Begonia in a spectacular shade of colours!

Begonia ‘Samba’ Mixed

A very striking mix of large-flowered begonias! These full and fringed Begonia ‘Samba’ mixed blooms will really add a touch of the exotic to your garden!

Red Rimmed Tuberous Begonia

Begonia ‘Crispa Marginata’ guarantees an uninterrupted sea of flowers. The flowers of this variety are bright yellow and pure white with fiery red ruffled edges.

Why not view our full range of Begonias? You too could be enjoying the delights these flowers have to offer!


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