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Bee hard at work

Bees are rapidly losing their natural habitat all around the world due to intensive monoculture-based farming practices, pristine green (but flower-barren) lawns and from the destruction of native landscapes.

You can help!!

By just planting flowers in your garden, on your patio, or in a window box, you will help provide bees with forage. When selecting plants for your garden, always remember that simple, old-fashioned varieties are better than highly cultivated ones. Herbs and heathers are generally great for bees, as well as traditional cottage style flowers (and whatever anyone says, they NEVER go out of fashion!).

If you can, avoid chemically treating your flowers as chemicals can contaminate the pollen and negatively affect the bees systems. Plant plenty of the same type of bloom together, bees like volume of forage (a sq. yard is a good estimate) the Candytuft would be great as it offers lots of flowers even in just a small space. If you have an allotment or space to ‘grow your own’, all fruit bushes are a welcome sight to any honey bee, they really can’t resist a blueberry bush.

Once you begin your bee friendly space and lots of bees are starting to come to your new garden, put a little water basin out (a bird bath with some stones in it for them to crawl on does a nicely).

15-honey-w850If you wish to go that bit further with helping out our buzzy pals, you can help start a new bee colony by buying a year long, 1/12 share in a hive for only £29.99. In return you’ll receive a special shareholder certificate, some lovely flower seeds to attract more bees to your garden and 1lb of yummy honey made especially for you, by your bees as a “thank you”. Adopt-a-hive is where you can make a real difference out of your garden environment.


One thought on “Beecause they’re worth it!”

  1. I encourage Bees into my garden last year we moved but in our old garden we used to have loads on the heather plants and on Roses and other flowers I had in my garden this year we have got a smaller garden but I still want to encourage the bees to come, got heathers and Roses at the moment.
    Good luck with Bee-hive colony,

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