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Just like I imagined

Who wouldn’t want some extraordinary bulbs ready to spice up your spring?

Here we have our top ten, chosen for a long display of colour, vigour and fun!

Every bulb offers something different! They will certainly stand out in the spring sunshine. With a wide variety of colour, shapes and sizes, they really are perfect to be planted in your borders, patio pots and homes!

There are so many spring bulbs to choose from at, but without further adieu here are our Top 10.

1. Triumph Tulip s ‘Prinz Armin’ (New)
An exceptional looking tulip with gorgeous big blooms! These lovely tulips will sparkle up your wonderful garden making it outstanding! For best effect, plant in several groups this will really bring the colours out. You’re going to love these in the spring!




2. Double-Flowered Tulips ‘Tropical Wave’ (Exclusive)
With these double flowered tulips your garden becomes more cheerful and friendly! This is a new variety that is sure to be noticed wherever you plant it! Terrific in the border but equally as adorable in attractive planters on the patio or decking too! The ‘Tropical Wave’ tulip has a tremendous yellow, double-flowered, goblet shape and is only available from us!



3. Double-Flowering Daffodils ‘Eline’
This fabulous, wonderful double-flowered narcissus with a centre of orange ruffles deserves to be given such a pretty name as ‘Eline’! It goes without saying that ‘Eline’ really does deserve a prominent spot in your beds or borders but will also be perfect in a large planter. Putting them in a vase will make them look extraordinary!



4. Double-Flowering Daffodils ‘Tahiti’
Gorgeous double flowered narcissus (daffodil) in a striking colour combination that will certainly be noticed in your border or flower bed. These exotic flowers with their delicious fragrance make them absolutely spectacular! They flower beautifully in pots too.


5. Botanical Crocus ‘Orange Monarch’
This is an exceptional crocus with an amazing colour combination, which is black and orange, being the only one around! A beautiful example, in the exact colours of the monarch butterfly! Effective in large groups or even scattered over the lawn! Perfect for naturalising and looks great in the rockery too. The fabulous crocus ’Orange Monarch’ is a very conspicuous harbinger of spring!



6. Grape Hyacinths ‘Night Eyes’
Grape hyacinths are invariably associated with spring. This very popular bulbous plant is often combined with narcissi and looks great planted in the border. This is perfect for pots and planters. They can remain in the same spot and will return year after year, everlasting experience!


7. Glory-of-the-Snow-Mixed
These extremely vigorous, twining climber bulbs (chionodoxa forbesii) from the mountains herald the arrival of spring and are definitely recommended. Glory of the Snow is perfect for naturalizing between perennials, under shrubs and in the rockery, where it will rapidly multiply. Planted in large groups it will always look at its best in the sizzling sunshine.




8. Crown Imperial ‘Orange Beauty’
The Crown Imperial (Fritillaria Imperialis) is definitely a most imposing plant with an unusually shaped crown. The large bell-shaped flowers topped with a pineapple-like tuft of decorative spiky leaves are truly beautiful and borne on sturdy stems. This stunning unusual plant is a wonderful showpiece for any garden and looks glorious in a vase. They certainly attract attention wherever they are!


9. Allium ‘Ostara’
A unique variety of Allium with gorgeous big balls of flower as is characteristic for Allium. The flower heads grow on short and sturdy stems making them just perfect for large pots and planters. They won’t be blown over! They unquestionably look great in beds and borders. Still very attractive even when flowering period is over. These flowers are immortal and never-ending in a vase too.




10. Winter Aconite
The Winter Aconite (Eranthis Cilicica) is related to the buttercup family. They are cheerful, bubbly, early flowering plant in February-March with bright golden-yellow flowers. The cup-shaped flowers have a remarkable honey like smell. They even push their way through the breezy snow.




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