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Feeding the birds!

Don’t you just love a crisp dry wintery day for pottering and putting your garden to bed in the November sunshine? Our avid follows on Facebook were asked what they believed was the most important job to do in their garden during this time of year and what a fantastic response we have had! May reminded us that a flask is a must in the garden during the colder months, “It warms the cockles of your heart”.

Lucky Birds!

Pat enjoys feeding the birds and watching them in her garden. To attract the birds we need to provide three basics, Food, Water and Shelter. There are a great range of bird feeding stations to choose from, including tables, feeders for nuts and seeds, wire baskets for fat balls and containers such as coconut shells which you can fill with your own recipes! In the second part of this blog I will be showing you how my son (Isaac, aged 5) and I made bird cake following the recipe from the RSPB website.

A water feature is a great attraction for birds too, providing drinking and bathing facilities which they can enjoy throughout the year. I keep my birdbath in the part of the garden that sees the most sun during the winter months, this way it has a better chance of staying defrosted.

Put up nest boxes. Even though it’s not breeding season, nest boxes offer a safe place to roost at night and shelter from the worst of this season’s weather. Just think, when Spring does come round, what could be more lovely than to see a chicks first flight?

Tess won’t be beaten by the millions of leaves she is continually clearing at the moment, instead she has been pressing some. We would love to see them in a photo Tess! Julie enjoys watching the squirrels getting ready for hibernating. Julie can watch them from her shed with a mug of hot soup, sounds perfect for keeping  nice and toasty.

Gareth’s rich compost

Tasmin has been having a ‘garden workout’ getting the veg beds dug over and spreading lots of compost over the top. Tasmin has offered a great tip here as it is a super way to keep the goodness in the veg garden during the wet months ahead. Our expert gardener Gareth Richard has many tips on how to get a rich compost in a recent blog he wrote.

Keep those tips coming in Facebook follows, and don’t forget your flasks!



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