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This is the 1st time that I have grown an Abutilon and I absolutely love it. Next year I will definitely be growing more. They do come in various varieties and colours, plus there is the ‘Tricoloured Abutilon’ which combines 3 plants in different colours. I am so delighted with my yellow one, imagine how I will feel if I have a pot with three different colours of this lovely delicate flower.

It is so beautiful with its five-petal, bell-shaped pendulous flowers which have a papery look about them. Even though the stems are long and slender the plant is nevertheless remarkably sturdy.

Also called the Chinese Bell flower or Flowering Maple – the palmate shape of the leaves are reminiscent to those of the maple but of course no relation as they actually belong to the mallow family (Malvaceae).

Abutilon – Also called the Chinese Bell flower or Flowering Maple

I love plants around me that add a cheerful atmosphere and the Abutilon does just that as the beautiful colour of the yellow flower brings a very sunny welcome to my patio and will flower for a very long time – from May to October! They are also suitable as houseplants so in winter I will move mine indoors where hopefully it will continue to flower.

It’s an easy plant to care for with very little maintenance which is always a plus side when you have so many other plants to keep an eye on. They have very large roots so are best planted in a large pot with good drainage and require lots of water (more sparingly during the winter). They also prefer a sheltered spot with lots of light but out of direct sunlight and need plenty of light in the winter. With good care I am hoping that this adorable plant will last me for many years to come.

Remember if you are looking for sunshine on your patio the yellow Abutilon is the plant for you!

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