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Lily ‘Dimension’ flowers
Lily ‘Dimension’ flowers

Not a great start of summer – where are those lovely balmy days? I am told they are on the way and I think that today could be one of them, the sun’s shining and there’s a lovely warm breeze. Such a wonderful time of the year to spend outdoors in the garden – all the plants are trying to upstage each other with their variety of colours. I have been soaking up not just the beautiful sunshine but all the beautiful flowers around me.

The lilies and fuchsias are looking radiant and the lavender is really pleasing the bees (as yet not spied any butterflies). I am enjoying the 1st of the Lily ‘Dimension’ flowers (which was sent as a substitute for the much in demand ‘Queen of the Night’). Perfect, and has been notably rewarded with compliments from friends and family.

Ismene 'Zwanenburg'
Ismene ‘Zwanenburg’

The Ismene ‘Zwanenburg’, with its pure white flowers and wonderful smell looks so dignified with its whimsical shaped flowers. Now these really are attention grabbers!

A treat to myself this weekend was a garden bench. I have several seating areas around the garden and have to say you can’t have too many, always a place to sit, either in the shade or sun and feast on different views of your garden.

Another favourite, the hollyhocks, standing proud above the low growing plants – they always appear to be in command. Because of their height don’t banish them all to the back of the border, plant some amongst other plants in the garden.

I find sitting in the garden is likened to browsing through the Bakker Spalding catalogue, turning the pages and seeing yet another beauty – but all the more rewarding as they are here in life for me to enjoy.

Just a few more beauties to draw you into my little paradise. The dainty little Mosquitaway Eva geranium, the foliage has a lovely lemony fragrance that helps to chase away those pesky gnats. Lightly crush a leaf through your fingers – the smell really does have a fresh citrus smell.

Then there are the charming violas, such dainty little flowers that provide an endless flowering season and … no that’s enough for today I’ll pop back another day with some more tempters. Until then I hope you too are enjoying your gardens.


Don’t spend all your spare time working in the garden make sure you put some time aside for sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your labour. I hope you’ve entered the photo competition so that we can share the highlights of your garden. If not make sure you do next time.

PS… There is just one more picture that I must share with you or I’ll never hear the end of it from my friend Adrian. Although I have a beautiful patch of hostas in my front garden I have to admit I am quite in awe of what Adrian calls his ‘Hosta Valley’. I am sure you will agree that it is a fitting title.



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