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Who doesn’t love to see bright-yellow daffs bobbing about in the sharp spring breeze? It’s a loud, proud sign that summer is on it’s way and we are very ready for the warmth of the sun to shine down on to us once again.

The Daffodil Society was established in 1898  for all who are interested in and appreciate the stunning Genus Narcissus, (the botanical name of this much loved flower).

The societies aim is to promote the world of the genus Narcissus. The words Narcissus and Daffodil relate to the same flower but the Society uses the more common name Daffodil.

The Daffodil Society is open to everyone. There membership includes, keen gardeners, horticultural, professional growers, botanists and enthusiastic flower show exhibitors. For a small joining fee, the Daffodil Society aims, through its publications and activities, to help those who have an interest in the genus to gain a greater pleasure from their association with this beautiful flower. To download and print the membership form, click here.  

We at are very proud to be members of the society as bulbs are a huge part of our heritage.

Looking forward to the spring already!


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