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Olive Turtle-w850
Olive Turtle-w850

Meet Olive! The newest member of our household. It’s no wonder tortoises live for so long, they have the healthiest diet of anyone I know! As a house of gardeners, we are keen to grow all of Olive’s food ourselves. Not only will this be good fun, it will also keep her as close to nature as possible. By doing this she will be following the seasons veggie delights very much like a wild Tortoise.

One thing we won’t need to grow, as fortunately for Olive we have an abundance of, are dandelions! She loves them! No longer will I be cursing the weeds as many of them will be feeding our new pet!

Strawberry Turtle-w850This year, Olive will be munching on rose petals, fuchsias flowers, pansies and geranium. If we are feeling generous, we may well share our home-grown strawberries with her too. Tortoises are known for being particularly found of strawberries.

Olive is a 9 month old Horsfield tortoise. This species can withstand the cold better than many other species of tortoise. They are a small tortoise (4-10 inches long) and require only modest amounts of space and food. A distinctive characteristic of the Horsfield tortoise is that they have four toes on each foot and bumps at the back of the thighs on the hind legs.


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