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A growing number of people in the UK are discovering the joys of gardening. In a study of 2,000 British homeowners, a third of young people said that they love to garden, with most spending around £747 to improve their outdoor spaces. As the gardening movement grows, it is expected that more young Brits will be spending more time and effort to enhance their garden in preparation for next year. Recently, it was found that incorporating elements that stimulate the senses and promote mindfulness, such as a water feature, are among the top gardening trends of 2018. Having a water feature in your outdoor space not only helps to calm the mind, but it’s an easy way to add charm, interest, and a relaxing ambience that you and your family will surely enjoy. Here are 5 ways to enhance your garden with a water feature.

Outdoor water fountain

This is probably one of the easiest ways to add a Zen-like feel to your garden. A wall mounted or freestanding water fountain is easy to install and maintain. To clean your outdoor water fountain, all you need to do is to drain it, scrub it with a solution of water and detergent (or white vinegar and water if you prefer something more natural), then rinse. You then fill the fountain with distilled water to prevent algae build-up, and it’s good to go. Consider putting the water fountain near your outdoor seating area, or install one in the middle of a few potted plants to create charming appeal.

A reflecting pool

If you can’t have a full-sized swimming pool in your garden, then you might think about having a reflecting pool in your outdoor space. It’s a shallow pool of water that can be as small as a birdbath or as large as the one found at the Taj Mahal. The water surface should be as still and undisturbed as possible to get the maximum impact. Add a walkway or a bridge over the reflecting pool for added drama.

A garden pond

If you want to attract birds to your garden, then a garden pond is a must. To design a wildlife pond , sketch out a rough outline of the pond, and go with a curved shape which will look more natural in a garden setting. Keep in mind that the pond should be about 90cm deep in the centre. Once you’re done digging, cover the excavation with a layer of sand, then line it with a rubber liner. Fill the pond with water, line with stones and coloured pebbles, and surround the pond with a few plants.


Koi pond

If you have time to care for fish, then consider having a traditional style koi pond in your garden. A koi pond should be in the shade and be at least 3 feet deep and have some aquatic plants to give the koi some oxygen. Install a pond filter to keep the water clean and clear, and have a waterfall to aerate the pond and keep the koi healthy.

DIY water feature

Even a small garden can have a water feature. Try making a miniature water garden in a box out of wood, water plants, and potting soil and place it on your deck. You can also repurpose a glass tabletop to create a water wall for your garden.

Whatever you choose, make sure that the water feature complements the size and design of your garden to enhance its natural beauty. Remember to keep the water clean to prevent algae and mold build-up so you can enjoy your outdoor water feature for years to come.  


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